sorry for edating! some crimes can never be forgiven

nothing is here yet.
I know this isnt a carrd but i really couldnt come up with another word to put there
my spotify im addicted to vibes and vibing theres nothing i love more than a walk in the park at night
and even though they make me paranoid I continue going on these walks
because the vibes are memorable and i seriously love the outdoors. Especially humidity which is one ofmy favourite things

I mostly tweet about kpop, girl groups if im feeling conservative and boy groups mainly on thursdays (road to kingdom)
im sorry if you followed me expecting jpop i really am a big fan of it but i just end up tweeting about kpop 80% of the time
i hope this is passable for you and if you would like to continue into oomfhood please do

i have green eyes i usually have blond hair but as of this moment i am bald.

no friends page on this website but if youd like to be friends pls reach out ~

theres a fair amount of text on this page and im sure itll grow as time goes on. Nobodys really meant to see it but if you do because youre nosy
or couldnt find any of my actual pages theyre right of BLU and left of CARRD but theyre also here and here
disclaimer the vibes on this neocities are not the vibes you will find on my account ... many apologies for that but i get a bit hyper about asian music so you must forgive.
to engage in my vibes? dm me its that simple i want us to talk
[7th june 2020]

hi all
i randomly stumbled across this page again so i thought id update this. its kind of a diary
and i always meant to come and check in again , hence the date stamp on the last post
anyway i dont want this to get too personal actually something i just remembered is i have
a second neocities which isnt in my twitter bio anymore its this
anyway back to something i actually want to talk about is how ive changed since the 7th of june
and its a bit shocking actually because the coming of winters cold took away the warmth and innate
comfort of summer and i had to like condense a bit you know freeze up for the winter ,
and i lost some of the vim and vigour i had in june. June was nice for me because it was warm
i was happy i had a stable friend group i was always playing music and everything was green
in other words, all good

regarding how ive Changed, my hair has grown out completely. The weather is horrible now. There is no humidity.
I still view myself as bald and should probably go back, i feel like people may have liked me more bald ,
after all , some advice ive always heard thrown around about getting people to trust you is throwing a little
bit of yourself out there , i guess being bald was me throwing myself out there, new people could see my silly
bald chicken head and feel at ease . I suppose thats what im doing right now , with this post . Anyway.
Another way ive changed is obviouslt the way i write. You can tell theres a difference between the above post and
this one. Maybe next summer , ill be the same as before, maybe ill be even more condensed.
Anyway its a fact that im talking out of my ass right now as i always am so im going to sign off.
See you soon follow my twitter ramielslay
[7th january 2021]